In life, change and healing are possible. You can change your habits, ways of being, patterns, moods, thoughts and you can heal. Using mindfulness informed CBT practices focusing on a body mind perspective you will be supported to realize the changes you want to make in life so you can begin taking the steps toward self healing.

Robert works with individuals, adolescents, couples, and families navigating the complex challenges related to substance use, abuse, addiction, and transition/college age challenges. He also supports men to explore, navigate, and address the specific well-being issues related to masculinity and being a man.

In addition, Robert works with any person dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, relationships, and life transitions. As a social justice based clinician he brings intention and awareness to peoples diverse identities. As an aspiring ally he is a safe space for LGBTQ identifying persons, and supports alternative relationship structures and people exploring ethical non-monogamy.

Robert blends his background in counseling and special education while drawing from a diverse experiential life to meet you where you are at. He takes the time to get to know you, building a safe, working relationship based on your unique skills, abilities, and strengths. Once a solid relationship is established, with the right mix of accountability, compassion, and boundaries, he helps you explore and address the challenges you are facing. 

Robert Schicker, MS                                                Counseling & Therapeutic Coaching